Linggo, Mayo 26, 2019

DIVINE Sweets and Treats - Book Launching

Organic Bistro owner and founder of Healing Present Nature and Wellness Center, Eleanor Rivera launches her sophomore cookbook dubbed as "DIVINE SWEETS AND TREATS"

(Ms. Eleanor Rivera)

The new cookbook is a definitive guide for healthy sweets and snacks. The new cookbook is designed for children and the young at heart. Divine Sweets and Treats answer your organic snack and dessert questions with over 200 pages of enticing, tropical ice creams, puddings, luscious custards, cacao-filled truffles, delectably healthy cookies, brownies and more! Through Divine Sweets and Treats, Healing Present Staff share savory snacks recipes of delish canapes and tartines. The desserts and snacks are destined to be your party favorites. Each recipe generously offers gorgeous photographs from Rae Cabradilla and Mai Pages to guide budding organic chefs, both young and old. 

The Recipe section urges you to feed yourself, your loved ones, your family only the best. Follow our simple recipes and mouth-watering photographs and you'll create an invigorating feasts for your family, friends and children. Healing Present's recipes teach you how to prepare nutritious, flavor-packed, plant-powered and vegan. They teach readers how to enjoy sweet, salty, and savory flavors the healthy way.

(Pictures courtesy to Eleanor Rivera's Facebook)

After the recipe section. Divine Sweets and Treats will introduce you to our children's nutrition health programs. You'll also meet the amazing individuals that sustain and operate Healing Present Nature divine flavor. Our snacks and sweets and Treats recipes are unstoppably nutritious and bursting with divine flavor. Our snacks and sweets are filled with essential enzymes, vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients, proteins, healthy fats and fiber. Each recipe is simple and packed with locally accessible ingredients for readers in the Philippines and global tropics. For their readers, Eleanor Rivera and Healing Present generously offer recipe alternatives for those expose to temperate fruits, vegetables and other ingredients. best of all, Divine Sweets and Treats are especially designed for children's appetites and health needs. Don't waste a minute, savor the Healing Present and make Divine Sweets and Treats today!

(Pictures courtesy to Eleanor Rivera's Facebook)

Now, through Divine Sweets and Treats, Eleanor Rivera and Healing Present's team bring their signature recipes straight to your home. Proceeds from cookbook sales go to children's feeding and nutrition programs in the Philippines. Support Healing Present and reserve your limited edition of Divine Sweets and Treats today. Order your cookbook and contact:

Eleanor Rivera at (63) 917 714 8254 / (63) 32 316 3464 

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